Why use cayenne pepper to thwart hair fall?

There are many natural ingredients that you can try to thwart hair loss and scalp problems. The benefit of using natural ingredients is that they do not create side effects, which can be the case with OTC hair care products. While there are a number of natural ingredients that you can use to treat hair problem, cayenne pepper can be tried. It is not expensive either and you can find it in nearby grocery stores.

The chief ingredient in Cayenne Pepper is Capsaicin. This helps in hair loss prevention to an extent. It helps in enhancing flood flow to scalp cells. This in turn helps in growth of hair follicles. You can use a number of natural ingredients with this pepper.

Olive oil is used to treat a number of hair problems. You can use extra virgin olive oil and cayenne pepper for hair problems. Heat up the olive oil in a bowl and pour in cayenne pepper powder slowly. Stir the mix for a few minutes and allow it to cool. Then apply the oil mixture on scalp and massage with fingertips slowly. Leave it on scalp for a couple of hours and then rinse off water. You should wear a shower cap during this time to prevent pepper getting into eyes.

You can also use cayenne pepper as a conditioner mix on your hair. Spray leave in conditioner on wet hair and then sprinkle little cayenne pepper powder. Spray some more conditioner on hair again. This will ensure the powder does not fall on your dress. In either of the aforesaid methods, you are likely to experience a tingling sensation on scalp. You need to be careful in application of cayenne pepper as it can be painful for nose and eyes. It is necessary that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap after application of cayenne pepper on scalp.

Apart from external application on scalp, you can also intake this pepper by mixing it with soup and salads. Initially, you should take small amounts of the pepper and as tolerance level goes up, you can increase the amount.