Why calcium intake is important to fight hair loss?

To ensure that you have a head full of shiny and healthy hair, application of right hair products is not the only requirement. You also need to include right kind of foods in your diet. Without required nutrients that play a role in hair growth and scalp health, your attempts to thwart hair loss will remain unfulfilled. Apart from vitamins and protein, your scalp needs supply of minerals like calcium to facilitate growth of new hair follicles. While calcium also offers benefits for strong teeth and bone, it is needed for healthy hair.

Hair follicles make use of calcium to generate keratinized protein. Keratin makes up human hair and keeps it shiny and strong. Your body needs a steady supply of calcium along with magnesium to grow hair. However, excess amount of calcium can be bad for your hair just like scarcity of the mineral in your body. If you eat excessive amount of sugar this can happen and as a result your hair will become brittle.

As per health entities, you need not intake over 2,000 milligrams of this mineral per day for obtaining the benefits. Absorption of calcium also depends on some factors like age, gender, pregnancy etc. If you intake plenty of vitamin D it will help your body to absorb calcium better. Hence, if your diet lacks calcium and vitamin D, you can try taking health supplements. You can also use calcium citrate supplements. Some people develop side effects like constipation, vomiting, nausea after in taking calcium supplements and you may seek medical intervention if these side effects bother you.

It would be a good idea to include plenty of calcium enriched foods in your meals to increase absorption. Dairy products contain a liberal amount of calcium. You can also eat yogurt, cheese and milk based products to increase calcium intake. You also need to limit consumption of beverages and foods that increase calcium excretion significantly. For example, if you drink lots of caffeine based drinks, it may adversely affect calcium absorption and retention. Taking too much sodium and potassium can also produce same effect on body.