How to use tea tree oil to treat hair problems?

While you can use a number of natural and herb based products to treat hair and scalp problems, plant oils seem a favorite with many people. You can use tea tree oil, known for its many healing properties to take care of damaged hair and scalp. It helps treat fungal infection and bacteria that may damage scalp and aggravate hair fall. It helps in unclogging the hair follicles thereby allowing growth of new hair. This oil also helps reduce inflammation of scalp cells. However, you need to know the right ways to use this oil.

While you can find a number of hair loss prevention products including serum and shampoo with this ingredient, it is bettered not to use OTC products. Some products contain minimal traces of tea tree oil and using them on scalp will yield no particular benefit. So, it is advisable that you prepare tea tree oil based shampoo at home to treat a number of hair problems.

As a hair moisturizer and nourishing agent– You can blend tea tree oil with other nourishing oils like avocado oil and olive oil. Apply the mix after warming it on your scalp. Let it penetrate scalp cells and after a while wash off hair with mild shampoo. This will help to soften frizzy and brittle hair.

As a treatment for lice– You can also use tea tree oil as a weapon to eliminate lice from head of your kids. You can blend this oil to lice shampoos before applying the mix on scalp of your children. This should be kept on scalp and hair for 10 minutes to get the results. After washing the hair, use lice comb to bring out nits.

As a regular shampoo mix– To make a shampoo with tea tree oil for regular use, you will need a bottle of pure tea tree oil, distiller water and castile soap. Blend everything well and store in a clean and airtight container. This shampoo should be kept at room temperature.

As a dandruff treatment shampoo mix– Dandruff can be pretty embarrassing and bad for your hair in long run. Instead of using OTC dandruff treatment products, you can use tea tree oil. Blend mineral water, vegetable glycerin together and warm it for some minutes. Then, allow the mixture to cool down. Grate a castile soap in another pot and put on simmering heat for some time. When the soap pieces are dissolved pour it into the first bowl. Then add a few drops of tea tree oil, lemon essential oil and rosemary essential oil into it. Stir the mixture well until everything blends well. This can be stored in bottle and used as an anti dandruff shampoo mix.