How magnesium can play a role in hair growth?

To put a stop to all types of hair problems including hair loss, you need to ensure that you eat right type of foods. Without intake of required nutrients, hair follicles will not grow and new hair development will be thwarted. Along with intake of protein and vitamin, your scalp los requires a steady supply of minerals. One such example is magnesium. A lot of people are not aware of it but deficit of this mineral in diet can lead to a number of scalp and hair problems in adults.

Like other nutrients, deficit or abundance of magnesium can have effects on hair growth. Imbalance of this mineral in body can lead to alopecia as it has been seen. At times, you may suffer from magnesium deficit when you consume plenty of white sugar or sweat heavily which causes the mineral to deplete from body. If that happens with you, consider increasing intake of magnesium rich foods and take supplement after medical consultation. It is found in abundance in variety of nuts and green vegetables.

Bathing with Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts can also help your body absorb magnesium to an extent. Dead Sea salts also contain sulfur, which is pivotal for hair health. When your body gets required amount of magnesium along with calcium, you get plenty of sleep. Adequate sleep helps you bust stress levels which is important for hair growth. You can take Epsom salt bath once a week or more to help your body absorb magnesium.

While magnesium is required for hair growth and health, you need to intake the mineral in right ways. Eating magnesium rich foods can help you for sure. However, do not wash your hair in water that contains magnesium. Hard water containing magnesium can leave your dull, dry and lifeless.